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My name is Greg Paskal, I developed the Recognition Styles concept you are reading about. With the help from some wonderful friends, we embarked to answer the question, "Does everyone like recognition" and if so, is there one universal type of recognition that people want or does it vary by individual. The results were interesting with many avenues still to be discovered.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Recognition Styles.

How things got started

Recognize Another was birthed in 2008 after the results of a yearly survey revealed that less than 30% of the people who took the survey were satisfied with the level of recognition they received in their work place. It was from these results that I began to ask the question, Why was recognition so important? I reflected back to a book I read many years ago called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. While this book was primarily focused on married couples, I wondered if there might be a similar concept that that could be applied in the work place.

This website contains a variety of tools and subjects on how to better leverage genuine, sincere recognition. From fortune 500 companies to small office settings, the Recognition Styles concept can be applied in a variety of settings and will produce meaningful results to those giving and receiving recognition.

Where things are going

I have a multitude of ideas for future tools not only to equip you to be effective in the work place but in having a positive change in your community and with the people around you.

I would be interested in your feedback and so have set up an email address just to get your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to drop me a note with how you are applying the Recognition Styles in your office, school, church and in your daily life. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.